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Personal Umbrella Insurance

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What is umbrella insurance?

Personal umbrella insurance, or personal umbrella insurance coverage, protects you and your family when you’ve exceeded the liability limits on your auto or Homeowner Insurance.

Do I need an umbrella policy?

If you own a car, own a home, want to protect your assets against a lawsuit or judgment, or want to protect your retirement savings or future earnings you might need Umbrella Insurance. Accidents happen every day. We can help you get umbrella insurance and make an affordable way to protect the assets that you’ve worked hard to acquire.

You can avoid paying out of pocket if you’re liable for a large claim

Let’s look at this scenario: if someone sues you for $1,250,000.00 after an auto accident or an incident at your home or any other properties you own, your insurance only covers up to Up to liability limits that you have on your auto or Home Insurance policy. If you have Umbrella Insurance, your umbrella insurance coverage can cover the remaining balance of what you owe up to limit that you have on your Umbrella Insurance policy.

Is an umbrella insurance policy right for me?

Personal umbrella insurance is not only for wealthy people. If you own a personal car, a home, or any other personal property (properties that are not under cooperation), Personal umbrella insurance offers additional coverage to protect your assets from the costs of legal actions and large judgments. This is extra protection that you have an asset like an RV, boat, Jet Ski, Motorcycle, Motorhome, ATV, Four-wheeler, Golf carts or any other personal motor vehicles.

If you wish to learn more about Personal Umbrella, please call our agency and make
appointment, we can evaluate your risk and recommend you proper Umbrella Insurance

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