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Umbrella Insurance in Illinois

At PrairieOne Insurance Agency, we have some clients whose insurance needs extend beyond the coverages offered by basic homeowners and auto insurance policies. For these clients, we often recommend supplementing these underlying policies with umbrella insurance. If you would like more protection than your homeowners, auto or other insurance offers, here’s why an umbrella insurance policy might be just the type of protection you’re looking for.

Unlike homeowners or auto insurance, umbrella insurance isn’t designed to be a primary policy. Instead, it’s a supplemental type of insurance that provides additional protection. It may either be used to increase any underlying policies’ limits or to fill in coverage gaps left by underlying policies. In either case, it’s boosting the insurance protection you have.

A single umbrella policy can supplement several underlying policies. It’s important to understand how any umbrella policy you select will interact with your underlying policies. For instance, some umbrella policies require you to have specific coverages in underlying policies. At our office, we have insurance agents who can review all available umbrella insurance policies and your current insurance policies to find you an umbrella policy that will provide excellent supplemental coverage for you.

As with any type of insurance, you’ll get the best rates on umbrella insurance when you shop with an independent agent. At PrairieOne Insurance Agency, we have multiple independent insurance agents who are licensed in Illinois and familiar with umbrella policies. They would love to help you select a policy if you need additional insurance coverage.

Contact us for help finding coverage and live in Plainfield, IL. Umbrella insurance agents at our office can be reached both by phone and through our website.

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